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Network to the world

  • "Security" is a myth; Nothing is secure, it's all just levels of deterrence
  • Networking in our time is more than just connecting to the Internet. For your business it involves connectons to Wide Area Network, Local Area Network, Virtual Private Network, Remote Desktop Protocol, Exchange (Email), etc.
    Not to mention adding Wireless (WLAN), Mobile, Gaming Consoles, etc. We depend more than ever on being connected to the world around us. Keeping us informed, entertained, and safe.
    I have been working in the IT industry since 2007 professionally. Designing, deploying, configuring, securing, and maintaining network connectivity for both business and personal use.

    Technical Stuff

  • Workstations — Business (Domain) & Home (Workgroup) deployment, Hardware (Apple & PC), Operating System, Applications, etc.
  • Servers — Deployment & Maintenance, Hardware, Operating System, Active Directory, Group Policy, IIS, Exchange, SQL, Applications, etc.
  • Router & Switches — Cisco, Fortinet, D-Link, Netgear
  • Cabling — CAT5e, CAT6, D-Mark to Patch Panel custom wiring
  • Wireless — Access Point(s), Routers
  • Printers — Deployment and Maintenance
  • Certifications and Experience

  • COMP TIA Network+ 2009
  • COMP TIA Security+
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (in progress)
  • For more information on my certifications and experience, please ask to see my resume
  • Cisco Frame Relay Project Packet Tracer PDF

  • Free Speech Online

  • Anything you put on the Internet will be grabbed, indexed, cataloged, and out of your control before you know it
  • Being an Network Administrator has given me an understanding on how our data (name, age, internet habits, etc.) is collected by ISPs, hardware & software developers, governments, online retailers, etc.
    I've always believed the internet is a vast resource of free information, and should be protected from people who just see $money$.
    Please support and donate to the following websites. They're out there to keep the Internet something we can trust.
  • Wikipedia — Multilingual Internet encyclopedia supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation — Defending your rights in the digital world
  • Defective by Design — Opposing Digital Restrictions Management
  • Article on Nintendo making their own rules
  • Good Old Games — Selling games that are DRM free
  • What's with the name 99drop?

  • I'm an old Gretzky / Oiler fan. Started writing "99" on my lunch box 25 yrs ago, and the name stuck.
  • Decided to use 99production for URL, shortened to 99prod, scamble the letters and you get 99drop.
  • Updates

  • Last updated on April 1 2018
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